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The members of the Durden Park Beer Circle welcome you to their web site.

We are a group of dedicated beer makers. Originally our main activity was based on the research, production and appreciation of Old British Beers particularly from around 1840 - 1914 when a vast range of quality beers were brewed. We continue this tradition and our aim is to produce quality beers of any type.


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Brewers (novice or experienced, full mash or extract) are always welcome at our meetings.

Come along on the 3rd Monday of the month at 8 pm to Perivale Community Centre, UB6 7NP.




Dr. John Harrison (1925-2010)


Dr. John Harrison was probably one of the most influential persons in the world of amateur Wine making and Brewing. Having a doctorate in science and chemistry, enabled him to approach wine making from a very analytical viewpoint. Thanks to this, amateur wine makers were able to move on from making country wines, to creating passable imitations of some of the great wines of the world. His Dessert wines and Port recipes became classics.

The same approach was directed to brewing, and as an early member of Durden Park Beer Club, his knowledge soon inspired the club to embark on researching historical beers, and under his leadership, research into many brewing archives all over the UK was commenced.

The results of this intensive research mainly documented by John, enabled him, and Durden Park Beer Club members, to construct from brewer's notes, small scale recipes of these beers. This gave rise to the publication of their first book 'Old British Beers and How and to Make Them'. The recipes in this book allowed others to recreate these historical beers for themselves.

The success of this first book, led to further larger editions being published, and sold worldwide, firmly establishing Durden Park's brewing expertise and knowledge globally. The work of the club will continue, due to the still untapped wealth of knowledge accrued from the original research notes catalogued by John.

John Harrison unfortunately succumbed to Alzheimer's disease 10 years ago which ended his ability to enjoy our great hobby of Wine and Beer making. His expertise and knowledge however, will ensure the rest of us will be able to enjoy this hobby for many years to come.